Why Anaco?

Anaco strives to deliver the best quality towards her clients. Therefore a quality mangement system has been developed and granted a ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

It is ensured that all employees can develop in the healthiest working conditions, both in the office and on board the ships.

The safety management system (SMS) has been drawn up in accordance with all applicable legislation (ADN, BPR,…) and good working practices (ISGINTT). It is regularly screened to see if it still meets all requirements.

Anaco is aware of the consequences that the transported products can have on the environment. All waste materials are sorted and delivered to the authorized reception facilities.


Have employees perform their work in the healthiest conditions.

To observe all possible safety measures and to create the safest possible working environment for employees. Target: ZERO accidents!

To carry out all our activities without harming the environment, both on the waterways and the surrounding area and to comply with all legal standards. Target: ZERO incidents!

To achieve excellent quality in our work performance and to strive for a continuous improvement process.

Optimize returns by making the best possible use of ship capacity. Target: Reduction and optimization of energy consumption!

Striving for a sustainable policy in the implementation of its services, and propagating this policy to everyone within the organization.


The management of ANACO BVBA is convinced that a policy of quality assurance leads to the achievement of the quality level that is necessary to meet the reasonable requirements set by the clients for safe and efficient business operations.

It is the express purpose of ANACO BVBA to provide services in accordance with legal rules and the applicable quality standards.

As clients are setting increasingly higher requirements with regard to safety and the environment, these areas have been included in the QHSE quality system. In addition, the government requires that care is given to the quality of the work and the welfare of the crew in order to optimize customer satisfaction.

Since the intended integrated quality of the service can change over time, it must be regularly tested against its efficiency and effectiveness. The statutory regulations and requirements, which are subject to change, must also be complied with. In order to guarantee and systematically improve the quality of freight transport by water, the company has set up a QHSE Management System, which takes care of the technical, administrative and human aspects, which positively influences and controls the quality.