Our method

As a chartering office, Anaco intervenes in drawing up chartering agreements. In the market for the transport of liquids by inland waterways, and / or when concluding transport contracts.

In other words, we link the ship owner with a charterer. Negotiate the conditions for your transport. Record everything clearly for you in a clear agreement. We will provide, in all transparency, an identical copy of this agreement to the ship owner and to the client.

Could it be even more controllable? Even fairer? We don’t think so. We are convinced not. And you? Read on why


With every agreement between customer (charterer) and ship owner, our software system simultaneously sends a nomination, or hiring, to both sides involved. Along with a voyage order to the ship. Anaco uses a commission of 7% for this.

This commissione also includes the costs related to safety (including Inspections Transafe, Safety Management System, Marad), with the exception of incident investigation or costs related to the class of the ship and / or structural / technical reviews.

As the owner, you are always free to view all your files and all communication about this (mail, Ice, Skype…) between all parties at our office.

Again, could it be more transparent? Could it be fairer? Who else offers you so much control where it really matters to you: the pennies?


It’s simple: with Anaco you actually get what you are entitled to. We know that you are not satisfied with anything less. And you are right! We cannot understand why you, as a barge operator, would accept that – secretly behind your back – part of the reward for your dedication and hard work would be taken from you. That’s not fair. Not decent and not fair. And certainly not our way of doing things.

You are entitled to a straightforward partner!