Why Anaco?

Anaco stands for transparency, commitment and motivation in favor of you as a barge operator. The fact that we are very well organized and the entire team is super motivated, allows us to really deliver on those promises to you.


What does that mean in concrete terms? That we make clear and transparent agreements with you. These agreements are obvious. You can control them perfectly, because they are really fair. You know exactly what our services cost. We mediate between the client and the inland vessel. We do our best to obtain orders for you at the best possible – market conform – possibilities. What we get in return is no secret, on the contrary: a fixed commission of 7%.

You will receive an exact copy of the contract that we conclude for you with the broker / client. There you can see without errors what the agreed price is. We neither ask for nor receive any extra commission behind you. We represent your interests with heart and soul. It is sometimes very confusing and even problematic how the fork fits exactly. Who are the intermediaries or customers, what are the exact conditions for the price, etc… That was the decisive reason for us to set up Anaco. Honesty and transparency are the best policy!

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Every squad or team performs only as well as its weakest link. That is why EVERYONE here at Anaco must give their full 100% for you. It’s that simple.

We are all here together in a large open space. We support each other to perform even better. We solve your problems together if 1 person cannot do this alone. When you work with Anaco, we are next to and behind you. Are you part of a group, I almost want to write, “do you belong to our family.”

And we do a lot for people in our family. We will do anything for that. We always get the most out of it for you. Fight for you by negotiating in your best interest. We know your professional life through and through. We understand what matters to you and know you, your ship and often even your family. Thanks to our contacts with numerous important clients, we know what is going on in the market. Where the opportunities lie before you at any time. What we can obtain for our inland skippers. For our family.


Naturally, all ships in the fleet are monitored with regard to OCIMF, safety and environmental regulations, certification and personnel policy.

Quality management is provided by our own safety department together with the company Transafe.